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04/08/2020 12:03 PM | Anonymous

Good morning:

Hope everyone is keeping safe during this ongoing and expanding COVID-19 outbreak.  In an effort to keep employees healthy and safe, all Entry personnel within the Laredo Field Office have being allowed to work from home.  If you have questions or concerns regarding entry summary processing please do not hesitate to contact the Centers at or your local Entry Department for assistance at the contact information provided on the District 23, Laredo Field Office Entry Section directory

As recommended on CSMS #42283516 below, please make every effort to use CBP’s automated systems as best as possible to minimize exposure to COVID-19 and sustain trade activities.

CSMS #42283516 - Entry Summary, Payment and Post-Release Processing of Trade Activities Due to COVID-19

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) continues to maintain operations at the Ports of Entry and within the Centers of Excellence and Expertise while taking measures to ensure the safety of the public and CBP staff. Due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, CBP highly recommends that CBP’s automated systems be used to their fullest extent possible in order to minimize exposure and sustain trade activities.

CBP recommends the application of the following measures; although this list is not exhaustive :

  • Transmit entry and entry summaries to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE);
  • Update current account and point of contact information in the ACE portal, to include email, to provide a means for electronic communication;
  • Submit supporting documentation or responses to CBP Requests for Information (CBPF28) through the ACE portal or the Document Image System (DIS);
  • Transmit post-summary activities, such as Protests and Post-Importation Claims through ACE; and
  • Filers submitting Post Summary Corrections (PSCs) that require a payment of duties may opt to receive a bill, or may still mail payment to the Port of Entry.


CBP encourages importers and filers to take advantage of the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) for electronic payment to the greatest extent possible. In the event that the use of electronic submissions cannot be utilized, documentation may be mailed to the Port of Entry for processing, to include checks for payment of duties, taxes and fees, liquidated damages, prior disclosures, etc.  

The trade community is encouraged to monitor CSMS and maintain contact with local Ports of Entry as trade facility operations at each location may change due to COVID-19.  Additionally, the Centers of Excellence and Expertise can be used as a resource for trade related matters.

A directory of Center managers is available by Center team number using the following link:

Thank you,

Leticia Benavides
Supervisory Entry Specialist
Machinery Center of Excellence and Expertise
ACE Ambassador
Customs and Border Protection
Office of Field Operations
Laredo, TX
Ph: (956) 794-9305

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