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Election Results

01/15/2020 5:00 PM | Anonymous

l, Enrique Gonzalez, acting nominating committee chair at the request of Rodolfo Delgado, certify that together; at the request of the candidates with Mr. Jose D. Gonzalez in representation of Arturo Dominguez and Ms. Sonia Villarreal representing Monica Salinas did count the ballots submitted to The Laredo Licensed U.S. Customs Brokers Association (LLUSCBA) for the election of officers and directors for 2020 lo 2O2L. The ballots were counted at the LLUSCBA office located on the Laredo College campus and the process was begun at approximately 9:30 AM and was completed at approximately 11:45 AM. The ballots were reviewed one by one and all ballots were taken into consideration. One ballot was disqualified because it was submitted by an entity not yet a member of the association and another was refused because of late submission.

All ballots and tally sheets are saved at the LLUSCBA office.

The results of the count are as follows:

Monica Salinas 56
Arturo Dominguez 32

Vice President
Bo Burge 60
Eduardo Lozano 26

Jose (Joe) D. Martinez 57
Rafael Orduna 27

Juan David Gonzalez 57
Marina Rodriguez 27

Board Members
Olga Cantu 59
Dalia Moncivais 55
Victor Gonzalez 62

Alonso Gonzalez 24
Gloria Annalie Miravete 26
Oscar Fernandez 25

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